Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Later prog masters Accordi dei Contrari, 4 albums [limited time only]

I rarely am interested in the recent bands, but this one really stunned me.

From discogs:

Italian progressive rock group established in 2001. "Agreement Of The Contrary" took several years to develop their style, balancing their roots in 1970's prog, with a new vitality and compositional feel of their own. Their début "Kinesis" could be compared to Anekdoten or Änglagård with elements of instrumental Premiata Forneria Marconi.

For once, the review is right on the money there.

Specifically what threw me off the chair one day years ago, was hearing the gentle fuzzy voice of Richard Sinclair in a recent album, singing prog that should've been released in the seventies:

Checking out all the music there is a definite masterpiece track which I've listened to hundreds of times since I first found it:

Clearly this composition is as beautiful as anything written in the heyday of European prog, and the violin plus acoustic guitar combo is something you never hear outside of there.

The four albums of course are Kinesis 2007, Kublai 2011, AdC 2014, and Vilato Intatto 2017.


  1. new uploads of vanessa city lips and black and white
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    I did not make it on time to "listen" to the AdC... any chance of reposting them again ?

    Thx for this and all the great music you so caringly post,


  3. new temporary upload
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    and as for the positive comments, I really mean them... I have discovered a lot of great music in here.... I really do feel sorry for your wife because I know how she feels.... just like my wife.... ahahhahaha