Thursday 31 October 2013

Progressive Hallowe'en music at its most phantastic: Dieter Salbert's Musica Phantastica... (1976)

Mr. Dieter Salbert was a serious composer but this album definitely can be classified as progressive rock in its most advanced form.  On this album he plays synthesizers and the beautiful and sometimes eerie operatic voice of Alrun Zahoransky complements some tracks.  A sound similar to a theremin plays many of the melodies giving the music an outer space or spooky horror movie feeling.  Please note that 2 of the odes are poems written by the wonderful Pablo Neruda, although translated into German.   We will hear more from Neruda shortly in another highly creative album, this time from Scandinavia, keep checking back for that one.

Salbert's album Klangszenen from 1984 is excellent (provided you enjoyed this one), in a similar vein, and well worth seeking out as well.

I sampled the shortest track, Ode An Den Duft Des Holzes:


  1. Many thanks for your shares.

  2. OMG i just found your blog and im in love! im getting into all of these albums, the older ones, like this one, are no longer working links.

    any chance for some re-ups?

    beautiful blog!

  3. the netkups ones don't work, but all the sendspace ones should still be working.
    I will reup this in a day or two on sendspace for you

  4. new up:
    enjoy it!

  5. Thank you for this interesting unknown progressive music!