Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Requested: Arakontis Live at the Quasimodo (Germany 1981) + Changes/Arakontis/Chameleon/Margo - Berlin Fusion (bonus)

Note that this is not my rip and I want to warmly thank whoever first made this available, because it's a wonderful set of European fusion.  I think my copy is derived from an old blog about fusion called "Flight Never Ending" from about 4 years ago which I still remember with fondness.
Information on this release here.

Certain tracks have a bit of a progressive edge to them, but most are straightforward fusion similar to Margo.  They contributed 2 other composed tracks to the Various Artists album called Berlin Fusion, which featured Margo, Chameleon, and Changes, and which I strongly recommend.  The latter put out 2 albums that are more jazzy in the fusion spectrum, but still good-- did prognotfrog possibly post one or two of them?   Chameleon's first ST album and the later one by the Fuchs-Goos Band called Chameleon 2 with a different line-up I highly recommend as perfectly wonderful Euro-fusion.  So we see that just like the ancient Greek saying: the more I learn, the less I know, it seems the more music we hear, the more we still need to hear...


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  3. You are a legend.I used to get bass lessons from Gerard,Arakontis's bass player.This brings back so many memories.Thanks Julian

  4. wow, no kidding, how cool is that?

  5. Wow ....Great Julian...esp' ' Berlin Fusion'....don't see it anywhere else.

    Have you got these...Posted on my Blog:




  6. new upload of berlin fusion, VA: