Monday, 9 February 2015

Arthur White Group's Heaven's Door opens to fabulous fusion

What better way to follow up Valentines Day with this magnificent and unknown album that seems to be about death (at least 5/8ths of it) and that mixes proggy warm pop with light fusion.  It's an odd mix for this kind of theme, but then again, why not?  The long sought album by Dreamworld here (remember that one?) was similarly blithe and nonchalant about the subject, though of course there was a religious message there which I think is absent here.  Overall however I find the music highly entertaining and enjoyable, more inventive than the aforementioned album.

Here's the magnificently gorgeous and quasi-pinkfloydian title track:

I love that funky fusion sound with the rhodes electric piano, a sound designed almost it seems to me like those neurosurgical electrodes stuck directly in the part of the brain responsible for pleasure feelings or happiness or satiety...  that's what this music is like to me...

What do we do when we die, part act a play?
rage in our way, run for all exits yelling fire,
turn the only cheek, accept the compromise,
regular diocese everted, musical confessional
last chair knocked off, hurting each other
to a final reading of torn-out pages—
with its over-statistic scenes, spilled milk bills,
the go-getters run aground, in different heats,
the silence handing us off betimes
then different trials biased from the beginning,
single-blinded, reach a point of indecision
that finally fully overtakes us, hemming
unto hemlocked out drunk or otherwise;
what seemed so unreal becoming
so much more so, in fact to the utmost,
all down to the final abstract—
shall we surprise our conclusion,
ambush an angel?
picking through the landfill mountain
for a few dollars…  sure, theatergoers all

copyright © 2014 me