Wednesday, 24 June 2015

La La Lapla's Seathrough from UK 1979 [review, no download]

Here's an album that although nothing special from the curating prog standpoint, really got under my skin in terms of its endearing arena rock ambitions.  We are in the late seventies Britain here so you can except a slight punkish attitude on top of the hard-driving Iggy Pop or twisted-mouth vocalizing David Bowie reminiscences.  There are several clear attempts at commercial success that failed probably only on the basis they were perhaps too thought-out, not simplistic enough, for the average radio listener at that time.  Any song for example that uses in its title the words "Rock n' Roll" can be expected to be pandering to radio hit whoredom.  But listen to the charming oddness of their "Rock n' Roll Little Thing.  In particular, notice the distinctly very odd (for rock) modulation out of the key (B?) to a minor second up (C) after the chorus.

A softer attempt with Belinda's Song to me really recalls the soft Kiss songs like Beth.

David's Song:

Database information here.  A sadly neglected record, with what I consider to be a gorgeous cover (artist, Les Williams).  Band members' names are Barry Jones, vocals, Bruce Drummond, guitar and vocals, Paul Houldey, drums, Roger Gerrard, bass, and Colin Jarman on keys.  Was their anonymous doom sealed by the ridiculous chosen name, perhaps?  Note the high price of the copy on sale from osurec.


  1. Wow, Julian, you have been busy with all the posts (I hope you got time to relax as well!)
    'Rock n' Roll Little Thing' really reminds me of the early-mid seventies British 'glam' sound - somewhere between the more mellower T.Rex sound and the more hard-edged Sweet and Slade sound.

    There was also a big rock 'n' roll revival here in the UK around this time that had been building for a few years (partly I guess as a backlash against punk and partly because Happy Days was such a big TV hit in the UK!).

    From the other tracks, it sounds like La La Lapla ‎(great name!) were just a little too late to the party and had this been released a few years earlier, it would have probably done much better, perhaps!

  2. RIP Barry Jones (Singer/Writer) d. 04/10/2015

    1. I heard about this recently. Terribly sad. Loved him dearly. Alicia (Siany)