Monday, 11 July 2016

Frode Thingnæs ‎– Feelin' All Right (1974, Norway) [limited time only dl]

I was quite curious about this one when I saw the utterly ridiculous but oh so seventies pangolin or armadillo (?) cover.  Because of the involvement of an asy listening orchestra it reminds me a bit of the later Freddie Hubbard work, for example Love Connection which he did with master Claus Ogerman (a highly recommended album).
Here the second side is one long track consisting of three songs.  I tried to separate the first and second but failed miserably.  Then the third appears on its own, like a young woman in love with one of those asshole married men constantly wishing and hoping he'll leave but of course, he never does.  And for some reason neither does his wife when she finds out.  It's amazing how far you can go when you're a self-absorbed arrogant middle-aged white man-- and then they complain they are being discriminated against which explains the popularity of hair-overloaded politicians like Donald...

The first and title track:


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  2. Curiously, renditions of two of these tracks (A2, B1) actually appeared on one of Boosey & Hawkes' library LPs.