Sunday, 15 January 2017

More Peter Berkow with Thesis from 1975

The art is always great in his LPs.  Unlike the previously posted brilliant concept album Faculty Recital (which came out the next year), this is a collection of acoustic guitar tracks.  Back there I went into detail with his discography.  Note again the university-life lyrics.  Did Peter ever complete his degree, I wonder, presumably in cultural or african studies?  and then pass himself off as black like Rachel Dolezal?

The extraterrestrially-influenced track I loved so much about disappointing his poor immigrant father by becoming a musician instead of a scientist (the opposite path to the one I personally followed) reappears here (I run too), almost identical in sound.

All the tracks are by Peter save the last two which were cowritten.  That final meditative one is particularly poignant:

Surely a great lost artist.


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  2. It is easy enough to look Peter up on IMDb or Wikipedia to answer your question ... LOL

    1. I am so guilty of lazy research... thanks a million