Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Lajos Dudas with the great Toto Blanke in Sunshine State from 1985

I couldn't avoid buying this one when I saw the involvement of the great Toto Blanke, much mentioned here before.  He contributed one composition called Que tal Carlos and otherwise seems quite self-effacing, in fact that would apply as a description of his track.  Keyboardist Ernst Hartmann contributed 2 songs both kinda humdrum, with the remainder penned by the leader, clarinetist Dudas, whose brief discogs bio reads

Hungarian jazz clarinetist, born 18 February 1941 in Budapest, Hungary.

Despite the title the songs reference West Coast places incl. the famous and beautiful Pacific Highway, which I have yet to have the fortune to see:


  1. Sunshine State:

    with more to come, meantime, 3 more later albums from him, Encore, Jazz in the City, and Radio Days:

  2. I just wanted to post a thank you for your info on a regular basis. I have been introduced to so much stuff and then when on Youtube I find more in the recommended. I have been purchasing some related items on CD and even downloads on Bandcamp. you never know what you will find on Band Camp. Thanks.

  3. Thank you! :-)

    If you maybe have, please add the missing track number 9
    from Encore, called: St. Thomas.