Wednesday, 7 November 2018

VA (incl. Rolf Kuhn and Roland Kovak) in Filmmusik 3

When you look at the contributors on this library it's definitely alluring, but unfortunately it turned out disappointing.  So first up you have Rolf Kuhn, brother of our beloved Joachim, but his tracks are pure old-school conventional jazz with nothing either fusioned out or original.  The great Roland Kovac, who made so much beautiful music including on other libraries of his own, throws in two church organ compositions that seem written in less than a thought.  The collection is rounded out with some simplistic classical tracks, some rhythm tracks, but on the whole not a lot of attempts at something memorable.  Incidentally this should not be confused with the more famous Irmin Schmidt Filmmusik albums, which are admittedly better.

Action Times, which is by Martin Bottcher:

A solo acoustic guitar track, out of the blue (Lazy Wind, by Vic Abrams):

I'll post a lossless because I know that flac lovers and library lovers are like a match made in heaven, like potato chips and computer games.


  1. lossless limited time only (due to upload space constraints)


    it might be that others in this series are better, because there are others, maybe someone knows?