Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Ugo Fusco's Visioni Musicali from 1972

Currently selling for 650 euros from Italy (big surprise!); in terms of artistic merit it can hardly be worth a few dollars, which is why it's useful to be able to hear it.  Pretty much by the numbers library music with the occasional nonskinny dip into more experimental sounds, as on the Catene Montana track:

I would've been willing to pay a lot for the record (not that much though!) just on the strength of the previously posted masterpiece, put out under the aka of Echettio from 1976.


  1. Visioni Musicali:


    Amazingly, the upload for the previous album is still available on zippy here:


    (showing it still gets downloaded regularly so many years later)

  2. Thank you. Haven't heard this one. Prices are kind of ridiculous ... I'm happy to be buy re-issues if they are licensed and done well (e.g. I think Sonor label is doing a good job) but I'm finding more and more bootlegs when it comes to library and soundtracks.

  3. Julian, was wondering if you would have any interest in this album never released on cd: Andreas Willers / Gebhard Ullmann ‎– Playful 1985