Friday, 31 July 2020

Indra Lesmana and Nebula in No Standing (1984), Cassette rip

Many thanks to those who are willing to help out with these stunning gems which never fail to surprise, coming as this one does, from such unexpected corners-- in this case Indonesia.
The artist, discography here, seems to have been quite prolific, beginning in the early 80s, and as we might expect from these far-flung lands the sound here is squarely mid-70s fusion with no sign that the digital-drum-machine 80s / well-mulleted Duran bands were afoot in the rest of the world.  Consider the stunning track called Kenyataan Terpisah:

And by all means keep considering it for the next few days, as I had to do when I yelled to my wife, 'wow, a gem again!' and she had to said 'you know that your kids think you're in the jewelry business?'  which I guess is just about right. 

If you take a look at the different versions on the release page, note that this rip, from cassette, has 2 extra songs which didn't appear on the LP or CD from just after, one of which was that amazing sample just above.  Damn those record companies for removing some of the best music, once again!  But thanks to the wonderful folks who are on the lookout for precious gems, and who, I am always supremely grateful to be able to thank, are willing to share these with not just me but everyone, you can enjoy this with its bonus tracks for a long long time to come.

Note that the LPs that come before and after (Nostalgia 1982, Tragedy 1985, and For Earth and Heaven 1986) are quite ordinary and commercially oriented. They are not worth hearing, trust me.  I am not keeping any secrets here, as my wife well knows.

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