Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Part of Art, Moebius, Germany 1981, plus bonus: Mofoya's Send a Message new stereo rip by request!

Part one of a two-part on this aggressively advanced jazz outfit from Germany.  However, this installment is slightly less interesting vis-a-vis their 1983 album which will turn out to be more composed, less 'fly your freak free jazz flag high.'

Note the involvement of Herbert Joos, who plays flugelhorn and trumpet (and is also notable as an artist, obviously responsible for cover design).

More coming soon.


  1. part of art 1

    mofoya send a message stereo rip

  2. Ahh, bless you for the Mofoya!!!!!!

  3. Julian, thank you for the Moebius. Anything with Herbert Joos is excellent.