Thursday, 29 January 2015

Jan Rigo & Friends - ... in time for 1982!

This avuncular elder guitarist wrote all the music here.  It surprised me his discography is not larger. Not in the same league as my adored Georg Lawall, less progressive and more basic along the lines of the earlier jazz output of George Benson (before he evolved to vocalizing), but still enjoyable.  A lot of interest to certain tracks.  For example, the spontaneous improvisation:

Then again, when I see yet another jazz record with a cover version of Thelonious Monk's Round Midnight (or Body and Soul, or Giant Steps), I head straight for the local pub and down a few pints whilst weeping and asking myself repeatedly, why is everyone not yet bored of these songs played literally trillions of times in the history of humankind?  It's as if someone who loved The Great Gatsby in high school, continued to read it every season of every year for the rest of their life.  Surely we call such a person autistic? (pardon to all those disturbed by the analogy).  And worse, that unfortunate scatting swing style makes a torturous appearance on the second side...

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