Wednesday 7 January 2015

Tidying up the discography of Georg Lawall and Orexis - PART 2

An astonishing set of acoustic guitar music from this awesome genius, note that, so far as I can tell, only one song is borrowed from another disc, as was the case in the live album from pnf I think.

I think somewhere in the past I mentioned that artist shocks us by how uncompromising he was, even in 1982 he was still utterly dedicated to pursuing progressive avant-garde music even as the world was filling up with fuzak, digital keys and drums and all-round silliness everywhere.  And like the German band Alcatraz, he never gave up the progressive spirit.

Simply have a listen to the most wondrous track on this record, called 'perpetuum mobile,' and be prepared for your jaw dropping if perchance you have ever tried to learn to play the guitar at one time, so long ago, in your past history:

An amazing, amazing artist, a true artist...


  1. orexis palette

  2. Thanks! This is a truly rarity! Saludos

  3. Hi~Julian Ryan!
    Request: Georg Lawall - 12 X Boogie & Blues (1979)
    Orexis Live (1981)
    do me a favor~

  4. I confess I detest boogie and blues and for that reason stayed away from that particular record. Here's Orexis Live though:

  5. Hi. Can you please reupload Orexis Live 1981 album? That'd be very nice.

  6. sure, new link