Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Sandra Haas - ... Und Dann Spiel'n Wir Der Dummheit Einen Streich (Germany 1973)

Another strikingly beautiful woman, I think we can all agree, perhaps one that should have been added to Oscar Rocchi's Ladies, or then again maybe she was, and this is her second record as it seems.  Sadly she has no wikipedia entry.  I was obviously hoping for another major songwriting find like this time last year's Uschi Bruning (and indeed it's quite similar), but this would have been too much happiness for me for god to accept.  And notice the compositions are handled by the famous songwriting team of Rigoni und Schoenherz (drums and keys, respectively).  Each song seems to recall another.  You will notice Track A2 recalls Procol Harum's A Whiter Shade (please not again!), A3 recalls Bridge on Troubled Waters (oh, god!) and then many other tracks recall other hits which I probably don't even know about...

An acceptably listenable track for us would be their A5 Meditation, with its orchestral softness and slight calorific qualities along the lines of the What a Night album from Schoenherz (which I can't recommend).

Well, upon listening to this again, I would go so far as to say I wish the songwriting team had spent as much effort on the remainder of the compositions as they did on this one, though this too still evokes a big indebtedness to songwriting genius Jimmy Webb's stylistic tricks.

The cover of the first album shows what a beauty she was, of course today she would be a 65-year old grandmother:

For more uptempo material with flutes you can hear B3's Der Reisende (Rigoni - Schönherz):



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