Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Konstantin Petrosian's magnificent 1986 Concerto for Voice and Orchestra

Wonderful orchestral fusion from Russia.  I heard this before from one of the soviet music blogs and decided years ago I had to purchase a near mint copy, a rarity in Russia of course, as I said before, and rerip this.  So here it is, straight off the black market.  Don't ask what I had to trade to get it but at least the timing was right as the rubble oops I mean the ruble is not doing too well over there.

It is more adventurous, not as smooth as my old favourite Igor Nazaruk, but the composition is so compelling, with its mix of classical education, jazz, and the female voice (of course-- who would want a concerto with a male voice?) that peeks in and out like an incredibly beautiful woman you've always had a crush on appearing and reappearing in your life to taunt you with her desirability...

Here's all your needed database information including the cyrillic spelling and, on the bottom, a really sweet and dope review:

A really sweet soviet jazz album for hip hop samples and dope funky jazz music. Features real drama horn samples and killer jazz funk fusion with awesome De Do Da vocals.

Konstantin Petrossian (Armenian: Կոնստանտին Պետրոսյան; Russian: Константин Петросян; born 12 August 1946 in Yerevan, Armenia) is a composer, pianist and conductor.

Oddly enough, he did not make more records, so far as they say here.

So enjoy it!


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