Monday, 24 August 2015

Мурад Кажлаев - Вечерний Арбат [Murad Kazhlaev - Evening Arbat: Jazz, Dance and Music] from ?1977

Big band music from Russia with this bandleader who was quite prolific.  In cyrillic, the data.
Some other albums from the slightly unprepossessing gentleman.  His classical musical composition, as always with these people, shines through the dark slavic forest full of, of course, dancing bears and those terrifying Putin tigers with their bare chests.  And those rebels armed with AK-47s, the greatest invention industry has ever fashioned...  For example, track A3 (translated by google as Old Saxophonist) shows off some vividly splendid fuguing:

Notice that the first 5 tracks of side b form a suite (Dagestan Suite, as translated by The Great Google) which luckily I was able to separate easily (unlike the case with that troublesome Trouble lp).   This composition is slightly more interesting as a whole though again not at the level of Nazaruk's Forest Suite.

Unfortunately an immoral but major majority of tracks veers into the easy listening direction of oncoming traffic for a horrific head-on crash leading to high casualties and expletives.  I'll spare you mention of the musical quotation of that godawful wedding march that is so utterly tiresome to hear, not just on a record, but in person at a ceremony, at least for those of us who have decades of such a state of affairs on our personal resumes already, or rather, have a look at The Great Google's tracklist in English and you'll see what I mean:

Evening Arbat. Jazz, Dance Music.
A1 Evening Arbat
A2 Kaleidoscope
A3 Old Saxophonist
A4 The stadium
A5 Minuet
A6 Wedding March

Dagestan Suite.
B1 Exotic Dance
B2 Morning Song
B3 Gorsky Dance
B4 In the Old Aule
B5 Oriental Patterns

B6 Paraphrase

That last Paraphrase is beautifully composed, soundtrack-like music which should have been-- could have been-- probably was-- used in one of those luscious euro-coproductions of the seventies wherein big-bosomed Ursula Andress runs through the Alps pursued by old professors usually played by M. Mastroianni with mid-life crises and a yapping wife perhaps played by Annie Girardot herself pursued by an Italian comic with a huge afro and a fat sidekick who keeps munching on chocolates and who later runs off with a large Labrador, played by Gerard Depardieu...  how I miss those stupid old Euro late night movies I grew up with, the music was always so beautiful, usually composed by of course, Morricone, and there was always at least one scene with nudity for my tender young eyes...