Wednesday 2 September 2015

Adelhard Roidinger's Schattseite from 1981

Information here.  This is relatively acoustic, ECM styled mental and emotional jazz with that typical meandering thoughtfulness that is their modus operandi.

With regards to this bassist, I want to pre-mention a wonderfully progressive and brilliantly composed record that will be coming here shortly called Austria Drei in which he participated, coming out in the year 1980 which was so fecund for the European jazz and progressive scene.  I'll post that one in a bit, after also presenting Pirchner and Pepl (guitar and vibes players on the Austria Drei record) in another highly intellectual album they did called, beautifully, "The Loss.
Stay Tuned!


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  2. A new Genre Commercial Success wav link by request:

  3. Julian, Schattseite bought this album when it showed up in the record store a long time ago. One of my all time favorites and so is Adelhard Roidinger. What I am hoping for is do you by any chance have The Loss?