Friday, 4 September 2015

Austria fünf: Pirchner - Pepl - Von Alten - Darling - Zadlo in The Loss from 1981

Information here.

Werner Pirchner was an Austrian vibraphonist who was quite productive in this period.  He made at least one very pleasant ECM album with Jack de Johnette and Harry Pepl (in 1983) which I highly recommend, his most progressive and insane work was the 1973 half double album (which mutant sounds once posted, & I can reup if need be).  I think his best record though is Austria Drei, which will be coming up shortly, but this one is very good too, it's highly ECM-like with its legato Weber-like bass and smooth and complex Towner-like guitarwork (from Pepl).  Each guy is responsible for one song.

Pirchner passed away in 2001. Listening to this, we can contemplate The Loss.



  2. Julian, I really do appreciate your kindness what a treat for me. Do you by any chance have Werner Pirchner's EU ECM NEW SERIES? I have been curious about it for a long time.

  3. Julian, EU is available now at DARKER SHADE OF BLUE REVISIT Blog under September requests & contributions if your interested.

  4. thanks for the info!! really appreciate it