Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Klaus Lenz (Big) Band's Aufbruch (1976) and Wiegenlied (1977)

Back to the baby we saw earlier this month, now digging some red-hot fusion on big-ass headphones.  This GDR band appeared before of course with Uschi way back when.

The Igor song is gorgeously and progressively out of this world, with its chromatic hammond opener that could have come from any of the classic French fusion masterpieces, like Vortex:

The following album did not quite hit the same heights of compositional progressiveness however, the title track being a good example of what is missing and what is still to be found here in this music:


  1. 1976


    I'll be on holidays for a week so I'll post two download-only reviews next.

  2. Thanks Julian, enjoy your holiday!

  3. Hope you're enjoying your holiday. Thanks for all the great music you've shared so far (some of it beautfied my holiday recently).