Sunday, 5 June 2016

Starr's Memories Never Die from USA, 1981

Look at the male cleavage on that guy!  Information here in the database.   The Race starts with the unholy tritone again:

And continues with some beautifully original patterns on the electric guitar.  
You can see their Dawn - Bolero 212 cooks it up nicely:

An instrumental that to me drives home the point there's really nothing in this world as beautiful as the sound of an amplified electric guitar that gives you that fuzzy feeling all over, cf., my old favourite Karlos Steinblast.  Better than a testosterone injection for feeling the energy.

Believe me this record is full of wonderful delights, and it resembles the aforementioned artist though without the wackiness.  Consider the utterly bizarre melody in octaves, then minor seconds, of the Schooner:


  1. Thanks to the original ripper here...

  2. Thanks Julian. Hey, not sure if you knew, but Gotic's second unreleased album is out. The samples on PNF sound great. Gotic is selling copies on their site. My copy is on it's way!

    1. yeah, it's amazing, I can't believe how great it sounds, and really it's almost as good as the first one in my opinion

  3. Maaan, another lost-jewel from outside of this local time-stream!
    It shines with happy-vision like the cat's sunglasses on the cover...
    and that back let's you know this comes from the heart of gonna
    Let-my-freaky-Prog-Flag-Fly Country!
    Ahh, too bad that wonderful Country never existed widespread
    here on 3-D Earth,
    only as a beautiful Dream created-fed-kept alive by the
    gypsy-caravan of The Intergalactic Touring Band &
    Heavenly Music Corporation!
    Hey - it did spread here a touch, though most are gone now,
    creating some half-invisible Lothlorien/Shire-type sanctuaries...
    (I still live in one!)
    I cranked this up and the sun came out for a bit to say
    "Groovy tunes groovy Scene brother" :)
    There is a pop-prog freshness about this LP (I'm hearing echoes of Robert Connolly's Plateau fused with Cafe Jacques-like genius)
    and it's sounding excellent here in a soothing early-Summer evening,
    one of my very favorite times of year, the merry flowers of June :)
    ...I'm boarding that sweet Schooner (!) and we are Flying tonight!
    Thank you so much bro!!