Saturday, 29 October 2016

Psychotronic Metamorphosis from 1981 Japan

I believe this was first posted in the mutant sounds blog, which I sorely miss.  The amount of unusual but wonderful music those guys shared still astounds me.

Information is to be found here.

Track b2, No More Rainy Day, pretty much a lesson in progressive rock by our old familiar favourites Negasphere (and here) with its gently spun atonal piano intro leading into hard guitar backed by strings:

Subsequently a wonderful Holst-Planets-like drum beat leads to more chunky chords.  Am I psychotronic myself or is it a progressive masterpiece?



  2. hi Julian!''No More Rainy Day'' is actually included in the first (live) cassette Negasphere released back in the very early-80's.

    1. that's right, I didn't mention that!
      btw the second psychotronic metamorphosis (which I'm sure you don't have) is coming soon... stay tuned for that one!
      we'll see if it's any good!