Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Think Tank (Netherlands 1972)

This album is a mixed bag but has some really delightful moments.  It's very much in the well-known Brainbox tradition of Dutch masters of early seventies rock and even borrows for some cover material.  I found this particular track, What's Life, to be really as adhesive as industrial strength velcro to both ears and brain:

Pictures of Youth is of course a Kaz Lux song, probably his best actually, which I "reviewed" way back when with regards to his C.S.  (Which album can be reupped on request.)

I can never get over the wonderful blues notes of the verse, how well those seventh notes work on those chords.  Just brilliance.

Despite the beauty of those two tracks, there is quite a lot of filler to wade through.  Some Killa, Lotsa Filla, as they say...  about crabcakes in New England...