Friday, 18 August 2017

More from William S. Fischer in The Black Composer in America (late 60s)

When I saw this of course I had to get it, especially with the honest naivete of the title.  Whether or not you enjoy this depends entirely on your taste in modern classical music complete with belted out soprano and domineering string section much like a loud abrasive and nag-prone wife, because that's what we have here.

William S. Fischer was mentioned earlier in connection with the amazing Akelarre album. In the liner notes we see he was born in 1935 in the Mississippi delta, and by this time, was already the musical director for Atlantic records.  The composition by him is almost atonal, if not wholly so, a 10-minute long prickly beast that will probably manhandle your patience into submission with its monster frightfulness.

Information is here, but reading the liner notes is more fruitful.  The shortest track is a song at the end of side a, by William Dawson:

While the lullaby for a jazz baby is sweet:

Music is played by the Oakland Youth Orchestra.


  1. The black composer in America:

    new reup of danny toan first serve:

    new reup art de passage:

    2 from Cohelmec Ensemble, by request, in one file:

    (Hippotigris and Octobre)

      black composer new link

  2. here's a lossless limited time only of the black composers:

  3. Julian any chance of getting a link for
    William S. Fischer - Akelarre Sorta Hiru

  4. Here is a link for Circles.

  5. Thanks Julian for the L'art de Passage and The Black Composer. Fantastic stuff!

  6. Hi. Is there any possibility to reup the Black Composers?