Saturday, 12 August 2017

The compleat Allegro Jazz Ensemble, 1980 to 1986: Contrasts, In This World, Golden Mean, and Sphinx

Very similar to the Boomerang albums from before, this large fusion ensemble produced 4 records featuring long tracks with overlong improvisation and less chamber music than one would expect considering the country of origin.  Of course there is always the classical influence here and there, but not to the same degree as for example Jazz Celula or any other Eastern EU fusion outfit.

Most of the tracks are too big to load up for free listening, but here's a lovely little composition full of interesting fusion textures from the second album, specifically it's In This World's Movement III:

From the first, the Concertino II:

More Russian music to come, for our friends in the white house.


  1. 1980




  2. Thank you so much for sharing this music with us!

  3. Thanks Julian, was missing a few :)

  4. new ups of the michel de albuquerque masterpieces
    albuquerque one (cattle)
    albuquerque stalking

  5. Thank you! Looking forward to digging in.

  6. Thanks very much.looking forward to checking out a couple of these.

  7. Beautiful unknown 80's fusion jazz music. Thank You, Julian.

  8. I am so glad you are here - again. Vespero ( the instrumental band from Russia - on Band Camp ) Sent me some reccomendations. Amoung was this. The Discogs page show all LPs, cept one, and the You Tubes were gone. So now I have a chance to Listen - thank you!
    If I ever come to Europe, one Music stop to the next!