Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Back again to Rhea's Sad Sorceress

Once again it gives me great pleasure to interrupt the regularly scheduled programming of posts, of which you knew nothing of course, with a surprise....

As an illustration of the general principle that everything no matter how expensive or rare becomes available eventually, back we come to this one and this time with a full download for everyone to enjoy, thanks to an unknown and faceless but hugely generous ripper.

It was about two years ago that I reviewed this insanely pricey little quasi-Pulsarish symphonic rarity and mentioned how it was slightly disappointing for us digital collectors, and I imagine, bone-crushingly disappointing for anyone who might have experienced the epileptic fit of purchasing on a site such as discogs.  Now no need for anything of the kind for all of us ordinary humans, since the cost of upgrading to a 'true lossless' not a proven fake lossless is hardly worth another mortgage on the house, and will, no doubt, result in some matrimonial acrimony-- should your wife ever find out.  Just be thankful that in divorce court you'll get to keep your record collection (including your precious Rhea Sad Sorceress) as you watch the judge give the home and SUV to your wife. Of course, enjoy it as much as possible, because before long you'll be broke and be forced to sell it all to pay the danged lawyer and child support.  And don't offer him your precious records, he'll laugh at you outright, he doesn't want your stupid Rhea, maybe pity you a bit as he hears you talk of sad sorceresses you once loved and how much of a sad loser you are like in that Paula Moore song with a sixpack at your side, singing along to records in the basement that are 40 years old already...

You can read my past comments which in my opinion are totally accurate, certainly much more so than any other reviewer, or Tom's review which was more harsh.  Most of the tracks are well worth more than one listen, perhaps one and half for 4 out of 7, with a couple warranting repeat study.  It all depends on to what extent you have patience for bland symphonic progressive rock (e.g. Novalis, Grobschnitt, etc.) with by the numbers chord changes and monotonous vocals.

The best song is the instrumental asylum one as mentioned earlier, with its nice tritonal and other dissonances, and you can hear the sample I uploaded before:


  1. Enjoy it...

    btw my friend extracted the Gubaidalina Concerto for jazz band and orchestra from youtube for easier listen on a portable device:
    It's really quite amazing but sound quality obviously is less than ideal. As before, anyone with info on where to buy it as LP with an aim toward reripping for greater enjoyment, please let me know.

    If there's any interest in German 1980 Nimbus btw, I can post that too in an excellent rip-- and that one is a bona fide masterpiece of progressive fusion for sure:

    1. Thanks Julian. And I'd like to hear the Nimbus album!

  2. Thanks for the music!
    As for Nimbus: What are you waiting for?

  3. Brilliant!to thank you is so little for an album that so many people would never hear with a price well above a thousand dollars!
    If you ask me I would love a nimbus listening as well, but rhea is still enough, an excellent gift!

  4. Thanks for this Julian and yes, please post the Nimbus!

  5. Thanks Julian. I'd like to check out Nimbus too.

  6. Over 1500 samolies ?!? Hey, this is a nice album and all, but.... Thanks for allowing the sane to bypass that absurdity.