Monday, 25 September 2017

Gerardo Bátiz ‎En Concierto 1985, finally

I posted most of his material in the past, from Cristal, Isla, Arlequin, to Azul con Leche, and this one was missing.  Technically it's the album that came after what is certainly his masterpiece, Arlequin, which really should also stand as, in general, a masterpiece of the whole genre of chamber (classical) progressive fusion no matter where you are who you are or what species you may happen to belong to.  Needless to state we have a slight diminution in creative conflagration by this time, perhaps the track called Oasis most recalls the earlier brilliance of his undeniable genius:

But again the commercial devil in the left ear whispering money, success, power, seems to have overpowered the angel of uncompromising beauty in the right ear, with an onslaught of latin by-the-numbers tracks including steel drums on the Trinidadian entry...  a bit too bad.



  2. Julian, one request, and I know this one is really difficult.

    Sumé, the Greenland band released a reunion album, which is very good

    Titled "Persersume"

    Some information here

    Also unbelievably, a documental was made about the band and its impact in Greenland's struggle for independency.

    Thanks a lot

  3. Can`t believe my eyes! Someone is interested in this mexican great jazz musician!
    I love his music, is a pain it wasn´t published in CD all of his discography.