Monday, 18 December 2017

Christian Escoudé Group Feat. Toots Thielemans (1983)

Quite happy this one was pointed out to me as missing from his discography.  It's always worth listening to what guitarist Escoude has to say.  Interestingly Kadjan is producer of this record, note full information here.

A track called Faces is unique in how progressive it is with the featured star on harmonica:

Just listen to the delicacy of the ascending guitar chords in that very light and so French opening sequence.  This one by keyboardist Olivier Hutman.  Toots himself appears quite sporadically, popping up here and there in some tracks alongside the other soloists as an equal, and is certainly not front and centre, which is a harmonically good thing.

Love the fact the album is on the lengthier side.  Not a minute of boredom, except possibly the drum solo in the long track on the second side, and some of the gypsy material that, as is customary with this artist, Christian can never quite bring himself to eschew.



  2. and please don't miss the following wonderful comment from St James:
    StºJames Jazz Club has left a new comment on your post "Hugo Smooth (USA 1980) by request":

    it was me , thank´s Julian !!! left here from Krautrocmaniac blog a link with several (15 Lp´s ) from Volker Kriegel , and i wish you all a Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year , and to James Manion i hope you keep strong, best wishes .....Volker Kriegel (15Lp´s) link:!Nc0EnTqD!BMserBM6lkXMmesW53Y-_g

    which had a couple of albums I had never heard before

    1. Thank you Julian and thank you StºJames Jazz Club
      for your best wishes. I had come across the Kriegel
      post back when it was posted but thanks for thinking of me. All the best back at you & Julian!

  3. Julian, was wondering if you have or can find this: