Monday, 25 December 2017

Renato Anselmi in For His Friends from 1976, and MERRY XMAS

I mentioned this record earlier when I discussed him and his role in the one-off Swiss Emphasis project.  (Not cheap at all, but I had to hear it, apologies to my wife for missing another chance at buying a new pair of shoes.)  Coming shortly after that one, the next year in fact, it's to be expected that it would be similar.  Very professionally played light fusion with easy listening components or arrangements, on a keyboards driven instrumental basis.  Songwriting is moderately strong.  For example, a very lovely track called Quiet Fire:

All compositions by Anselmi except for b2 by the well loved Bruno Spoerri, and b4.  And that one is really gorgeous too, if you have a taste for this style of easy listening / fusion:

Surely I do.



    gonna take a short break until after the new year and then I'll be back with more requests from before, stay tuned for those

  2. Thanks again Julian. I was just listening to his "Know What I Mean?" album the other day. Great stuff. Merry Christmas, have fun, Matt.

  3. merry xmas buddy, thanks for all the hard work in here!

  4. Thanks Julian! Have a great break.

  5. Many Thanks and happy new year full of good music

  6. Hello,
    I'm trying to find this album but I can't. Do you know where can I get it?
    Or are you interested in selling it
    Please let me know
    Thank you

    1. I sold it, unfortunately, but it does come up regularly for sale on discogs, or you can try german ebay:

  7. I just picked up this album and Renato's Know What I Mean. They were in unplayed mint I'm feeling good :)