Monday, 2 October 2023

Pascoal Meirelles: Considerações, Tamba, Anna, and Ostinato

 Genius level composition here, in some places, but particularly in the astonishing 1983 Tamba album with its nonstop inventive, creative, progressive latin-tinged, chamber-augmented fusion.

From discogs:

Brazilian drummer (b. 1944). After playing with "Tempo trio" and other muscians he went to Berklee to complete his studies. He played with Antonio Carlos Jobim on "Terra Brasilis".
When he returned to Brazil in the first 80s, he played with Gonzaguinha's band and founded instrumental band "Cama de Gato".
In 1981 he released his first solo album, "Considerações a respeito", followed by "Tambá" (1983) and "Anna" (1987), dedicated to his first daughter.



Friday, 29 September 2023

Back to A. Stalteri with Early Rings from 1974-1975, limited time only


Info here. Posted stuff from him already here.  Of course this one recorded in that golden age of progressive seemed quite interesting, which it is.

I wouldn't hesitate to say I really love this guy and I've got to thank you from the bottom of my heart for requesting his material which turned out to be so completely impressive, varied as well and consistent through some decades of music making, beginning of course with the band Pierrot Lunaire.

This is very squarely in the acoustic-electronic mode of the seventies, cf. compatriots Leprino's Integrati, Disintegrati, or the exquisitely beautiful Sonanze from Cacciapaglia. Just listen to the opening track with its classic title of From Hobbiton to the Land of Shadows (note the lovely recorder playing grace note cuckoos on top of the ostinato):

And on it goes, just tragic that it wasn't released back in the day when it would have been appreciated so much. It does stand comparison positively with similar works such as Bo Hansson's Rings concept album from the earlier parts of the same decade.

Wednesday, 27 September 2023

Bobby Vince Paunetto's two 1970s LPs

Love the above cover, Commit to Memory.

Information discogged here.  A great recommendation from Simon666.

This is latin-infused big band plus fusion, in equal parts I'd say, with minimal samba / bossanova / flamenco simplicity which as is well known drives me completely crazy (it's a short drive of course).

Paunetto's Point from the ST album:

From the second, Delta:

Monday, 25 September 2023

Back to Michael Cassidy with Nature's Way from 1976


Information here.

Not quite as good as the predecessors posted earlier here and here (with link removed by bot/AI ?).  Basic acousticky folk ssw stuff.

Note at the bottom of the back:

Special thanks to James Hunter, Stevie Wonder, Neil Diamond, Alfred Ford, George Harrison and John Fahey for their contributions to ISKCON Projects

Spirit of Reason:

Friday, 22 September 2023

Quatuor Noir - Des Ténèbres A La Lumière, requested

From discogs:

Enregistré Les 29, 30, 31 juillet 1987 aux studios de la RTBF Bruxelles (Place Flagey) - Corporation RTBF Haynaut. A l'occasion du 150ème Anniversaire de la faculté polytechnique de Mons.

299 copies were made and quickly scattered.Quatuor Noir is an ensemble playing music on mythological themes and very similar to Univers Zéro, Julverne, Art Zoyd... Christian Leroy created in 1980, the now famous trio MÉTARYTHMES DE l'AIR, with Philippe SAUCEZ on clarinet and José BEDEUR on bass and cello.

Their very much RIO album Phagocyte appeared back here

Note that Christian Leroy is the composer and piano player for this album too.

Most of it is quite avant garde, perhaps improvised (?), with little to hold on to, with here and there some more accessible music, a piano solo on side b, etc.  The Suite Magique sounds inspired by Debussy:

Some lovely vocals from one Helene Barbigant.