Saturday 20 July 2024

Peter Giger and Family of Percussion from 1976 by request


I posted the later album Sunday Palaver, here. To repeat quickly, Swiss Peter Giger was the drummer for the formidable early kraut fusion band Dzyan, that still blows me away when I listen to it today. Other than the first Giger/Lenz/Marron album Beyond, from 1976, the remainder of his material disappoints me. Family of Percussion was founded by Trilok Gurtu and made a bunch of LPs too, but on his own Giger made an album with the same name in 1976 which is the one posted here. So I guess technically this album is not a part of the band FoP's discography at all.

First track called Mistral gives you an indication of this, mostly percussion, some improvisations, not much actual music therefore:

I forgot I posted this one too with Dauner.

Thursday 18 July 2024

Third Stream in Gettin' It Together, 1979 freshly ripped from lovely mint with limited time only lossless


These guys hailed from Hershey, Pennsyl. and unusually for an artist from the Praise Poems series they managed to release not just one LP but three, with this rip being the first. Notice however the 1982 follow up Just Friends is filled with the garbage standards I so detest.  And remember the mega-hit Galaxy track from PP 2 was only on a single back in the day (1978), not LP, which I still can't believe.

Information on this release here.  It's instrumental fusion with some great original composition on it, well worth hearing through and more than a steal for the price of the record and the enjoyment it contains. 

Sorcery definitely is some nice hard musical witchcraft, I think you'll agree:

Tuesday 16 July 2024

Praise Poems Vol. 7


Information here. So Far Down from James Duhon, 1978 single:

Sunday 14 July 2024

Praise Poems Vol. 6


Information here. Soda Creek Ferry is by Ted Ritchie and Friends, year unknown, who put out only one little single but boy is this composition a gem:

Not only is it well performed, with beautiful guitarwork and the addition of that lovely background flute, but the lyrics are well worth paying close attention to, back from a distant time long ago (half a century) when there were still such simple things: 'Billy really knew the river bed,' the ferry doesn't charge, it's broken down and gives him no food, but god bless it, if only there were still simple honest experiences left like that in the world today 50 years later, but how could there be with double or triple the population of the world weighing it down and the triumph of capitalism everywhere to be superseded by the coming Age of Kings, of Right-Wings, the Age of Billionaires, which will likely throw the rest of us all back into some kind of inferior medieval existence.

Note the incredibly lovely end: "if you are ever want to come along, we can add your river to my new song."

Saturday 13 July 2024

Praise Poems Vol. 5


Information for this one here. Again, less to cling on to here as we progress through the volumes.
Keith Florence and the Associates did a song called Down here on the ground that unfortunately only appeared as a completed neglected single way back in 1978:

Al Walton Trio's 1982 single, called Al's Thing: