Saturday, 1 October 2022

Ax - You've been so bad (Canada 1970) by request

Unreleased from 1970, recorded in Toronto, Canada.  Basic hard rock here.

Babies falling from the sky, side b from this ep (?) or 10 inch:

Thursday, 29 September 2022

Tamami's Second, Someday

Most of the album was written by drummer Ryojiro Furusawa and it's a bit of a decline from the previous, unfortunately, trending towards the standard jazz acoustic outfit although augmented with electric guitars, elec. piano, and violin here and there.

Title track, the only one written by Tamami:

Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Tamami Koyake by request starting with Tamami's First, from 1980

Good news for the guy who requested this artist, who is sadly totally unknown everywhere online so far as I can tell (which is not very far at all of course): because for the next ten days, we'll cover all her early albums starting with this first one.

All instrumental, composed music featuring mostly flute on melodic solos but also vibes, etc., and of the highest caliber, in terms of emotional variety.  Arrangements are extremely well done with sometimes the whole orchestra (including string section), sometimes just electric piano and guitars, note that these were done here by Isao Suzuki, who also plays bass and who I just featured.  

The music is very similar to Japanese violinist Linnko Kishi, recall posted way back here.

The second track called Drowsy Time gives you an idea of the extreme beauty of not just the composition with its very original and unique chord changes and delicate flute playing but the arrangements as well:

Monday, 26 September 2022

Back to Galapagos Duck and Brian Brown in 1976's Moomba Jazz, a live Melbourne concert


Given the quality of the earlier Brian Brown material (I made four posts on him so far), I felt I should acquire this vinyl and have a listen.  Evidently it's part two of a concert that took place at the Dallas Brooks Hall, in Melbourne, Australia in 1976. The Galapagos stuff is quite ordinary jazz and not to my liking, but the Brian Brown composition which takes up all of side b has interesting moments, definitely worth hearing, though it doesn't quite punch its weight.

Friday, 23 September 2022

Redeye (US 1970-1971)


It's interesting how similar the eye cover is to the NZ preceding drawing although I don't imagine for a second there was any plagiarism involved given the artist name.

These guys are like CCR crossed with that lovely country rock sound of Spruce and their incredible song about Winter I so raved about back here.  Again the harmony vocals on these 2 LPs are outstanding and provide that classic rock sound we love so much.

From discogs:

Los Angeles country-rock band who charted the single "Games" in 1971. Vocalist Douglas Mark was previously with The Sunshine Company.

I must say it's always a shock to see the Greek story of Daedalus (whose wax winged son Icarus fell into the ocean not heeding his father's warning not to fly too close to the sun) being referenced on a rock album as on this one, in fact I don't think I've ever seen that before. Then again the fact his name was misspelled as Dadaelus is a little bit detracting, as you can see on the vinyl label.  Nonetheless the lyrics are clearly referencing the myth, which happens to be my favourite Greek one: