Sunday 13 October 2013

Reviews of progressive rock, fusion, jazz, and library albums from my collection, all from more than 30 years in the past, there are no downloads of copyrighted materials here and any artist can request a link removal.  Occasionally I will only review a rarity and hold back on samples, my aim is to expand the knowledge base of this still little known style of music that had its heyday in the seventies.  But go ahead and email or comment if you think a trade is possible.

And I welcome any requests for material from the chosen field either not yet available or once available and now no longer...  enter a comment.


  1. This blog rocks! It's the best blog I've come across since the early days of Mutant Sounds.

  2. I wish you good luck and a lot of fun. Many good blogs have disappeared and I'm happy to see a new addition. Blogs are still a much nicer way of presenting music than anonymous mass sharing sites. After all it's not about filling a harddisk, but about the music.

  3. yeah have you got the nels cline album, elegies? requested on our blog

  4. actually, I do! and I will post that next

  5. Mostly welcomed new blog! This new blog is most certainly on my bookmarks. Keep up on goodwill and hard work. Please us! ♡

  6. Hope this excellent blog continues long !!!

  7. Hi Julian, do you have any of these?:
    Solar Plexus - Hellre Gycklare Än Hycklare
    Solar Plexus - 2
    Solar Plexus - Det Är Inte Båten Som Gungar - Det Är Havet Som Rör Sig
    Thanks in advance Guido/LF

    Hellre Gycklare Än Hycklare

  8. Yes, I think I have all of them, I will post in a bit

    1. Yo! I have them as Vinyl, I can rip them lossless for You, if You wish Julian (Grimau)

  9. Hello Julian,

    I can't resist but ask about this one too:

    Spencer Barefield - Anthony Holland - Tani Tabbal: Transdimensional Space Window


  10. That's OK, no I don't have that one. Sounds interesting though tell me what you know.

  11. Hey Julian,

    It's an example of '80s new jazz - avant fusion, afro/astral jazz improv:

    Spencer Barefield - Anthony Holland - Tani Tabbal
    Transdimensional Space Window


    A1. Inbetween Song 10:34
    A2. Clouds Taking Pictures of Birds (Roscoe Mitchell) 11:35

    Transdimensional Space Window Suite (17:12)
    B1.1. Quantum Jump (Critical Escape-Entry)
    B1.2. Interface
    B1.3. Vector Space
    B1.4. Warp-Interfuse
    B1.5. Window Transference
    B1.6. Resolution
    B2. Dawudaphone Dance 5:11

    A. Spencer Barefield: classical guitar with sympathetic steel strings, 12-string acoustic guitar, harp [dawudaphone], producer
    Anthony Holland: alto saxophone, soprano saxophone
    Tani Tabbal: drums [tap], percussion [tablas]

    Producer – Pedro De Freitas
    Engineer – Jim Gibeau, Rudy Lauerman
    Design, Artwork By – Barbara Weinberg-Barefield
    Liner Notes – Anthony Braxton

    Recorded December 1981 in the Recital Hall of the Detroit Institute of Arts

    (Trans-African Records 01)

  12. (just 20€)

    1. Hey Mr Morgan, I unfortunately don't have a turntable!

    2. Don't worry about it sir. It will turn up someday soon ;-)

    3. OK, I'll it in next couple of weeks, been too active in shopping in last few months that I need to raise some funds before I'll 'reactivate' myself. =)

  13. Hello Julian,

    Here's another seemingly impossible one: Wolfgang Dauner's Rischka's Light Faces!

    Thanks again for the replies!

    1. More than seemingly impossible. Here on discogs you can see there are 50 having it in wantlist, expect the price for the record to be out of reach for most or all of us:
      One possibility would be to try to contact the 2 users who have the record or claim to have it, but these record collectors usually will not trade in CDRs.

  14. On PNF, someone tried contacting Dauner directly about the LP and his wife who answered was not amused!
    The attitude of the high-level collectors always strikes me as odd. The market for such LPs will disappear sooner rather than later. Those of us of an age or a little younger who are aware of such things will pass and the younger generation seem to have little interest in these sorts of works. The time to allow them "into the wild" is now so that we can appreciate them and perhaps help propagate continuing interest in this music.

  15. I wonder if that's true, very interesting and pertinent observations. I have often thought myself about whether there would ever be a true renaissance of this music, or if it's merely nostalgia on the older generation's part that keeps it alive! I would welcome any thoughts about this idea.

  16. I always thought that great art would survive the 'test of time' that weeds out mediocrity, and that this would happen with prog, but at the moment it seems this test of time is more at a kindergarten level than an adult level, when it comes to music.

  17. I saw from Dusty Shelf preview on your blog that there should be a KPM 1216 post..
    ¿¿¿Where is it???
    This is driving me crazy..