Sunday 6 July 2014

A. R. Luciani - Eventi (Italy, 1978)

A very Mahleresque, sometime baroque, purely orchestral entry from this master of library music whose discography I will try sporadically to complete.  Note that a large no. of these have already been ripped, albeit poorly, for mp3 listening, which I appreciate since it allows us to decide whether spending 50-100 dollars on a record is a waste or not.  Specifically I became interested in his music when I heard the shockingly gorgeous "Leggenda del lago" on the Aspetti della Natura collaboration with Melchiori which I will reproduce here for those who don't know it:

I was always puzzled as to whether this particular song was used as a soundtrack theme on a movie somewhere, and if so, where exactly, maybe someone out there knows and can clarify.  It will always remind me personally of driving through the North of Italy when we decided to stop to see the gorgeous Castle Scaliger on Lake Garda.  At the end of a little peninsula there stretching into the lake like a finger are the ruins of an immense roman villa which I ran through quickly as we were in a rush to get to Milan.  I will never forget the beauty of those ruins on the lake and the sadness of loss it represents.  The pictures you can see here don't quite do it justice, particularly with regards to the extended scope of them, but you can see why the song reminds me of this trip.

Evidently some of these library LPs are still quite rare, like the interestingly titled "Allarme Ecologico" which I hope will not be too pricey if and when it turns up, considering I have just returned from a long sojourn on a road trip to the beach where my family spent a lot of money, not just on toys for the children and toys for my wife (like her Louboutin shoes).  Expecting it to be cheap to stay near the ocean proved overoptimistic of course, as I found the concentration of tempting amusement parks and arcades too much for my young kids who were attracted like moths to outdoor lights (as always it was father moth who got most burned there in monetary terms) to the loud sounds and stuffed animals that broke after one day's handling and the rides they were far too scared to enjoy but which nonetheless cost plenty of money for a few tears and an anxiety attack-- maybe next time I can just feed my kids coffee and cigarettes till they get a much cheaper panic attack?  And of course no family holiday is complete without my wife going shopping to those damned outlet malls in the United States where you can easily spend thousands of dollars on the basis that you're saving money by getting great deals, and I have to listen to my wife saying each time "I'm just looking in this store!!" each look of course costing me a few hundred dollars, after a few hours, I'm begging her to stop looking, those looks are just too expensive-- like the way a porn star needs constant plastic surgery maybe... I guess that's what being married is all about... daddy better work hard and overtime too when he gets home and stop buying those expensive records...

Here's a really beautiful track:


  1. lossless (limited time as usual)


  2. This makes me think of beautiful pastoral landscapes of rolling country hills, a lush sea of summer green green green, sunlight dancing among little fluffy clouds purple and red, and the clouds would catch the color...there were lots of stars at night...
    Thanks bro

    Well my friend,
    here's a sweet summer treat that I'm very happy to finally share with everyone
    (and a significant upgrade to the tired old crappy-sounding rip that's been recycled everywhere)

    by The Open Window (Peter Schickele, Stanley Walden & Robert Dennis)
    1969 on Vanguard ...and still never released on cd anywhere
    Ripped from my excellent condition LP and Strongly Recommended to all!

    1. Wild Bill Hickock Rides Again
    2. At the Wedding
    3. 4:00 A.M., June; The Sky Was Green
    4. Soldier's Song, From The Last War, For The Next
    5. The Girl From Tarentum
    6. Italian Symphony
    7. Piece By The New Guy
    8. Piano Concerto No.1 In G Major
    9. The Priests Of The Raven Of Dawn
    10. Curtan Call ("Circus")

    ……… ………
    (WAV files - sounds completely Killer - this is the one!)

    ……… ………
    (320 mp3)

    ...from the back cover:

    Happily, the boundaries are shifting.

    The Open Window has been described by reviewers as a chamber-rock-jazz trio, a pop-classical ensemble, and a folk-rock-raga group, and all the names fit, except that they leave out the honky-tonk piano rolls and Russian chants.

    These three musicians take it all apart, and when they put it back together again, it's something new: a batch of songs, non-songs, and sort-of-songs ----- music that will engage your mind and your toe and anything else you leave exposed to it.

    ...some of the songs have footnotes in parentheses, here's the important ones:
    2. At The Wedding (A large one, with all the relatives, some of whom come from as far away as Odessa and Brest-Litovsk)
    4. Soldier's Song, From The Last War, For The Next
    (The words were made up by German soldiers retreating from Russia during World War II)
    [lyrics translated: It's all over, It's all gone, Three years in Russia, And nothing makes any sense.]
    5. The Girl From Tarentum (Lyrics by Gaiuss Naeveus, translated by Jack Lindsay)
    9. The Priests Of The Raven Of Dawn (William Blake's poem "London" was written in the 1790's, but there's no need to update it, or to pretend that its not about, say, New York. The refrain is taken from "The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell")

    Our warmest thanks to the friends and acquaintances of
    Wild Bill Hickock.

    Enjoy my friend!
    Happy summer good vibrations to you :)

  3. Thanks that sounds fabulous. I'm not familiar with it at all, will give it a listen when I get home...

  4. New Margo link

  5. Wow, your album really sounds fantastic, you're right!
    I loved it, and moreover, I had never heard of it!

  6. Quick addendum, for the artwork of Open Window:

  7. That's great to hear Julian!
    Awesome addition of the artwork ...
    Very happy to share
    ...I really love this lp, and it continues to grow on you over time, revealing layers of richness and complexity...
    like a time-traveler...
    good vibrations unearth hidden treasures of the past -
    Surf's Up, Ha Ha Ha!
    It's Party Time and you're All Invited!!
    ...So I'm going up the country
    to a beautiful wonderful music festival this weekend
    bliss bliss bliss!
    then to see some Phish next week :)
    Time to put work away and celebrate the magic of Mid-Summer -
    Ya Hoo!!
    Here's just such a mix,
    one that I made back in summer 2010 during a full moon eclipse,
    appropriately titled,
    ……… MidSummerMagic ………

    1. Hibou, Anemone And Bear - The Soft Machine
    2. The Mollusk - Ween
    3. Farewell my Lovely - Cafe Jacques
    4. What's Happening Brother - Marvin Gaye
    5. Flyin' High (in the friendly sky) - Marvin Gaye
    6. Sleepyhouse - Blind Melon
    7. Driver - Phish
    8. These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things - Kit Kats
    9. Feel Flows - The Beach Boys
    10. The Mist Of Time - The Hellers
    11. pinballnumbercount! - Sesame Street
    12. Hot Fun In The Summertime - Sly & The Family Stone
    13. Summer Madness - Kool & The Gang
    14. Stoned Soul Picnic - The Fifth Dimension
    15. Drifter In The Dark - Ween
    16. That's How Much I Love You, Baby (more or less) -
    H.P. Lovecraft
    17. Reflections - Bill Conti
    18. The Magician - Window
    19. El Rey Pescador - These Trails

    ……… ………

    please give it a spin - it's hot fun in the summertime!
    and in case you missed it, here's my recent mix from 6-6-14...

    ……… Into The Great Summer ………

    1. Peaches en Regalia - Frank Zappa
    2. Inspector Clouseau Main Title - Ken Thorne
    3. Cherubic Hymn - Bruce Haack
    4. The Planet Earth Rock & Roll Orchestra - Planet Earth Rock & Roll Orchestra
    5. Join The Party - M
    6. Perpetual Dawn [Solar Youth Mix] - The Orb
    7. Rain Of Earth - Jackpine Savage
    8. Justified & Ancient Seems A Long Time Ago - The KLF
    9. Reflections - Bill Conti
    10. Tobey's Song - Chad & Jeremy
    11. Radio Silence - Thomas Dolby
    12. Don't Lose Your Cool - Basil Kirchin
    13. Vega-tables - The Beach Boys
    14. Hoodoo Bash - Have Moicy!
    15. Wichita Lineman Was A Song I Once Heard - The KLF
    16. Tower Of Song - Leonard Cohen
    17. Topanga - Gordon Alexander
    18. Super Nova - Bruce Haack
    19. Son Of Mr. Green Genes - Frank Zappa

    ……… ………

    and I hope everyone enjoys this one as well!
    ha - didn't even notice, 'Reflections' (from Rocky OST!) is on both mixes...oh well I think one's from vinyl and one's from cd... :)

    ...set the Gearshift for the High Gear of your soul!
    you've got to Run Like An Antelope - Out Of Control!!

  8. Hi October can you email me directly to
    I wanted to ask if I can share the Open Window LP as a new post with your commentary.

  9. Golgotha new link:

  10. Oh shit! The link to MidSummerMagic wasn't working...
    Sorry - it does work, but you got to replace the period before the word 'file' with a forward slash - oops! looks like I was typing too fast and it's a fussy bitch...geez :)
    I'm glad my friends alerted me before I disappear on A Magical Mystery Tour!!


    And hey Julian, I ran out of time to do a proper write up for the Window,but will do so ASAP...realistically Mon. or Tues....
    how time flies when you're having fun!
    Thanks again my friend :)

  11. tell me if you want to do that, or alternatively, I can post what you've already written bro

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