Saturday 14 February 2015

Symposium: Edith Hill and Selah and The Children, USA 1972

When a record features a quote from the amazing American poet e.e. cummings on its cover one must take notice:

the snow doesn't give a soft white damn
whom it touches

Neither perhaps will this gorgeous music give a damn whom it touches, but it surely will evoke emotions in everyone with open ears and heart.  The album features singer Edith Hill with a jazz band by the name of Selah, who apparently never released anything else.  A group of children sings out of tune on some tracks, which to me detracts a little, but it does provide a unique atmosphere.  A poor mp3 was circulating in the past, and I felt only a lossless again would do it justice.

Celestial Infinity by Selah:

All musical arrangements are by Stephen Correll the keyboardist for the Selah.  A blurb on the back discusses how serious and interesting this music is.  We don't need any encouragement of course to respect what was accomplished that long ago day, 42 years ago now, when this was recorded.

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