Saturday 7 March 2015

An upgrade of Melchiori and Luciani's Brilliant Aspetti Della Natura in lossless (Library, late 70s)

To me this is one of the most beautiful of all library records-- at least, side b is.  It was posted previously, in fact the trilogy from these two composers was completed (for me, at least) when I posted on prognotfrog their "Inchiesta sul Mezzogiorno" (which can be reuploaded by request, in mp3).  The other album was on the dusty shelf blog long ago and was called "Atmosfera" and to me was the least successful (can be upped again in mp3). Oddly enough as separate composers I never found their material to be as good as this set.  Although it always struck me as annoying that the Luciani compositions, which are far superior, were in mono whereas the Melchiori electronica are stereo.

The standout track for me is the legend of the lake, which reminded me of the north of Italy and the gorgeous castle Scaliger on Lake Garda and the Roman ruins in the north of the peninsula.  I mentioned this before here with Luciani's Eventi.

Here's the upgraded version of the song:

The beauty of the song lies not only in the use of a cello to play the melody, which as mentioned innumerable times sounds plaintive and sad to us, but in the high-treble chords with plenty of second intervals the piano is playing, without any bass addition to detract from the bell-like percussiveness and quasi-dissonance, and the downward pattern of these chords evokes rain.  Notice also how interesting and well-composed the bridge is, taking it away from the simplistic (I - IV - V) chord progression of the stanzas.  Sheer genius.

Does anyone know where it was used, as doubtless it must have been being such a heavenly composition...   For when I think of music, I have repeated before (over and over in fact) that, as an atheist, music is the closest I will ever get to heaven or to put it differently it's the closest to heaven we mortals will get while we are here on earth.

P.S. Apologies for the warped tracks (A4, A5) which we can safely blame on the Italian jerk who sold me this and overcharged me by 50 euros...  anyways to compensate I threw in the old mp3 rips of those tracks...


  1. aspetti
    lossless (plus two replacement mp3 tracks)

    1. I forgot, here are the other 2 I uploaded, from dusty shelf:

  2. Thank yo, good sir! This looks fantastic!