Wednesday 1 July 2015

The ultra-rare Rhea Sad Sorceress from Belgium 1980 [No Download!]

I mentioned this album before in a past post and I finally managed to get a great, complete, and lossless copy to listen to recently from another big-shot collector.  Everyone wants to hear it, but not for thousands of dollars.  It's good, but not great.  Tom's remarks were a bit too harsh.

Have a listen to this first track which is the title track;

I'm sure you'll agree: no masterpiece of prog, but still not bad in the customary Euro-symphonic vein with female vocals, a la Renaissance, but not comparable.  Track A3 Black Cat is simply godawful.

What about the best, i.e., most progressive track?  I think this little instrumental about the lunatic asylum would be it:

The track called Inside on the other hand, is a little bit symphonic, a slight bit progressive, and a little bit mediocre too:

So you can get some idea whether you are going to remortgage your home for the privilege of owning this rarity.

Rhea track list:

A1 Sad Sorceress
A2 Going Through The Time to Live
A3 Black Cat

B1 Close to the night
B2 Lunatic Asylum
B3 Inside
B4 The Demented Girl

The amazing track 2, by request:

Enjoy it brothers


  1. Again, why are we protecting the price of music more than the memory/appreciation of it? The artist's chance to make a buck on it is pretty far gone... arguably, never existed... and anyone who is gonna pay the money to own a copy (especially of this) is not going to be deterred by the fact some other oddballs have some mp3s of it. I guess the struggle keeps it exciting for collectors? It's a bit psychotic to play the part of the adventurer/hero and the nemesis of this knowledge seeker at the same time. Music invades the air... it's an art that suggests you get to know it after it already has told you who it is... it's hardly a thing to try and be exclusive about. If I find any album not shared, I vow to expose it as much as possible. Nothing replaces the value of a physical copy. If people don't like the music then they shouldn't have a rare record anyway.

    1. I completely agree with you. It has more to do with playing the game, when you get something like this, you are told never to share it again. I've done as much as I can by at least sampling tracks so you can at least get some rough idea of the value of the music, not the vinyl-- bearing in mind as usual, in these cases, I am presenting the BEST songs usually, the remainder being, oftentimes, worthless.

  2. Hi, dear Julian

    I think you' re near the truth and you have put here the best part of the record ! Nevertheness, I've seen somewhere in internet a man who says that the second track was the best ! tastes are not an exact science and there must be a reason why this piece pleases man ! Hum, I 'll be glad when I' ll ripped this rarity ggggrrrrrr !!!! lol

  3. Hi,

    I like also the track "Inside" that I find not mediocre at all ! I' ve read somewhere that the track A2 was also very interesting. Can you also post it please ?


    1. I posted track a2 above dear friend, have a listen

  4. Hi, Julian
    Thank you very much for all these killer rarities
    and have a happy New year of course !

  5. Wow, it' like floating bluesy Pink Floyd ! Great !

  6. Not to be crass, but how much would this album sell for? I have a copy and know it's rare but I've never seen a price.

    1. you own a copy? I presume it would sell for at least 1000 usd if not more, I do recall seeing it for sale some 5 years back for 1200 euros. Usually we can rely on popsike for approximate prices derived from ebay, but this record doesn't appear there. Any chance of trading for a digital copy btw?

  7. bobcows, if you have a copy and want to sell it feel free to let me know it to

  8. update: mp3 download of full album as of September 5 2017