Tuesday 22 September 2015

Negasphere's Disadvantage from 1985

How about some classic Japanese (neo-) prog for a change?  I know there are few in the group who don't love this style, as we've seen before...

From 1985, not a cheap record.  Note there is a bonus track, from side c, on this rip, for which I thank my generous friend, one of the many who are contributing to our communal riches in this way.

Remember I posted their 1984 album, about a year ago here.  In comparison this later work is more streamlined and neoesque as befits the later, tunnelling into the eighties year.  As I mentioned there their 1981 live album, despite a poor sound, is by far the most advanced progressive music they did.  How often that is the case, that youthful talent, creativity and energy make early music the most interesting.