Monday 26 October 2015

Jean-Luc Chevalier back with Saharienne (1987) and Zantic (1988), TIbet to come

I love the cartoonish drawing of Zantic, but what is the fish or animal he is carrying?

Whilst the cover for Saharienne appears more like one of those wonderful Folio French books one finds in Paris' Quartier Latin:

As mentioned before, it's this last record wherein, reunited with Jean Chevalier (from Zig Zag), he repeats, rather faithfully in some places, the old compositions from that era with as little change as we can hope for given the lateness of the decade.  So in a sense we have come full circle with his discography here.  The old exemplar Ballade, reinterpreted in 1987:

Don't tell the artist but I find it slightly amusing that these themes lend themselves to both a Saharan and Tibetan world music style, when initially they started out as zig-zaggy chamber music compositions.

Note that he subsequently, in the CD era, made two more albums, 5 km a Bangui, and Hommage a Jaco.  Both those I can recommend you safely avoid unless you are, like us, an obsessive-compulsive completist.


  1. Saharienne:


    Tibet will appear later

    1. Julian, Saharienne is totally awesome looking forward to hearing Zantic.
      I believe that's a seal he is holding. Anyway thank you for these two.
      Now all I need is Tibet & Eowyn. Glad you liked the Pifarely.

  2. Dig that Saharienne, brings to mind elements of Asia Minor and Yves & Alain Lorentz's Espaces 2...liking that 2nd track from Zantic too...Thanks bro!
    Ah yes, the treats for the spooky season have begun!
    Perfect days and nights to enjoy some old ghosts,
    as the leaves fall in a gloomy rain...
    Here's a dark pair of forgotten tales and enchanted travels
    for your spectral enjoyment!

    ~Haunted Lore~
    1.The Raven...Kennelmus
    2.Everyone Comes To The Freakshow...The Residents
    3.Afghan Black...Muslimgauze
    4.Sur Les Traces Du Vieux Roy...Archaia
    5.Selected Readings From OAK MOT Part I...Crispin Hellion Glover
    6.Dysmaland...Michel Magne
    7.I Followed George's Dream...Snakefinger
    8.Electrollentando...H.P. Lovecraft
    9.Cecile's Delirium...Hypnose
    10.Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun...Psychic TV
    11.Part One: Edweena...The Residents
    12.An Odd Question From A Forest Bird...Yage
    13.Ulalume...Jeff Buckley
    14.Voices Of The Dead (The Medium)...Mort Garson
    ~The Spell Breaks!~
    1.Ballroom Organ...The Haunted Mansion
    2.The Jar...Bob Jacobs
    3.End Of The Night...The Doors
    4.A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers Eyewitness...Van Der Graaf Generator
    5.The Fluter...Tom Newman
    6.The Seelie Court...Tom Newman
    7.The Seventh Seal...Aphrodite's Child
    8.The Fog...The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad
    9.Invocation...Bruce Haack
    10.One Room Cemetary...St. John Green
    11.Sawney Bean~Sawney's Death Dance...Snakefinger
    12.Distance Between Us...Don Bradsham-Leather
    13.Night Song For The Sleepless...John Carradine
    14.Soleil D'Ork (Ork' Sun)...Magma
    15.Fly-The-Night...Atlantis Philharmonic
    16.The Dream...Orpheus
    17.The Priests Of The Raven Of Dawn...The Open Window
    18.Pure Mystery...Jon Pertwee
    ...also, here's links to my other uploads that are right for the Great Pumpkin season:
    ~3 A.M. Halloween
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    Enjoy my fellow fiends!

  3. up of ken ramm's dragon here, enjoy:

  4. Thank you for Dragon! what Taaaasty goodness, must delve into this one...

  5. I was sent this way via PnF...mahalo!

    I love this guy.

    The guitarist from Frob is my next quest.