Saturday, 17 March 2018

Pomp rockers Baby Grand in 1977 and 1978

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Note the wonderful cover painting of the first album that recalls a famous cartoon-like European artist (someone can remind me?) and the reference to the fruit-faces of Arcimbolo in the second.

For all those who love rock, let's salute these (3 to 5?) guys. Hugely enjoyable, well-written and well-played AOR pomp rock with not too much excess testosterone nor over-the-top vocal showmanship from this band from Philly.   They remind me a great deal of Ambrosia, but much more diluted in the progressive element.  Still, the songs are really strong.  Worth a few hours total of listening pleasure for anyone with two ears and a rock 'n' roll soul I would think:

Note how the F minor chord very cleverly segues down to an F major 7 in the piano intro.

From the first album, listen to the blissfully crafted 70s pop-rock with the hammered out piano chords, the syncopated bass pumping them along, the arabesque-like electric guitar licks weaving in and out and for a guitar solo in the middle, the tape played backwards Beatles-style, just so perfectly professionally done altogether:

"Yes, now you're in the spotlight, Caroline,
and is it all that you thought it would be?"

Too bad they only made two!


  1. 1977


    First three Ambrosia albums, for fun:

  2. I don't know who the famous cartoon-like European artist is but I'll just acknowledge the cover art is by columbian Fernando Botero. :)

  3. PS. Uhh, make that "colombian"...

  4. I originally bought Baby Grands first album because of the cover artwork. Quickly became a fan of their music.
    Ambrosia's early albums included some KSHE classics as they're known around here. FM radio was great back then.

  5. The European painter you' re looking for is from Austria his name is Manfred Deix.

  6. the artist is the colombian Botero

  7. Hi Julian
    What is the name of this Ambrosia's song ?
    Many thanx

  8. unfortunately, there are sometimes very important cracks in the background especially on the excellent track " Runner in the rain".