Wednesday, 6 June 2018

(Kyriakos Sfetsas in) Greek Fusion Orchestra's Without Boundaries from 1980

Some might already be quite familiar with this, but I never heard of it until very recently.

The masterpiece of Kyrias Sftesas, who composed quite a bit of music, I would bet this was the only progressive album he made, and it's quite the impressive work.  It features four long tracks, all equally wonderful in some way or another, perhaps similar a bit to Vanessa's Black and White masterpiece though with less of the intense electric fusion, more classical and acoustic piano passages.

My favourite in terms of sheer unbridled creativity is the Ballad for John:

The university composition education really shines through here.

Does anyone know if he did anything else worth hearing?


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  2. hi!there is a second Greek Fusion Orchesta album, recorded in 1976, but released only recently, which is possibly even better
    Also his work with Greek female poet Katerina Gogou is also amazing, lots of spoken parts in Greek in this one, but the instrumental background is simply awesome

  3. New to me and based on what I’ve heard here, certainly worth drive space and further investigation. I really appreciate you including samples to help me figure out if something’s my cuppa tea or not. Thanks for this and all the rest.

  4. Thanks Julian, sounds promising!

  5. I would love if you can upload both GFO albums.



  6. I think there are 3 albums on further review, I wasn't too impressed with the others just the one I talked about above: