Monday, 22 November 2021

Neuschwanstein's recent Fine Art album

I'm sorry, but I hate to say it's just a dreadful cover...

I've never liked this band famous for the 1978 Battlement LP but to my complete shock they came up with a third album in recent years that surpasses the previous material, a rarity indeed, perhaps the first time I've experienced something like this.

Admittedly, it's a little uneven, but there are parts that are really impressive, for example, Per Omen Vitam:

As a classical composition alone I think that piece is just brilliant... should be played in symphony halls all over the world... I love how it changes halfway through and proceeds to become very symphonically dramatic or OST by the end.  How can humans write music so brilliant??

There's a mix of real progressive rock (think ELP, etc.), the symphonic style they did earlier, as well as the above sampled chamber music, it's a mixed bag, but for sure 100 percent bona fide progressive... long live prog!

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  1. All 3 albums (Battlement, Alice in Wonderland, Fine Art):