Friday 9 February 2024

Monica Tornell in a few albums from the seventies

She was a folky singer songwriter from Sweden, see discogs:

Swedish singer and songwriter, born June 3, 1954 in Trönö parish in Hälsingland (Gävleborgs län).

After being discovered by Cornelis Vreeswijk in 1971, she was for two decades a prominent singer in several genres, mainly show and rock. Together with Lasse Holm, she sang Sweden's contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest in Bergen, Norway in 1986. In 2017, she released Understanding Eye, which is her first own album in 25 years.

I'm always on the lookout for something on the level of the great and beloved (and still underrated) Carita Holmstrom, but of course that doesn't happen every day, not even more than once a lifetime actually.  Of course sometimes we don't have more than one lifetime.  ( Here I'm thinking of the great Elon. ) I mean, setting aside (billionaire) Taylor Swift of course who is without a doubt the greatest musician / composer of all time, I think we can all 100 percent agree on that, right? I guess if she married Drake or whoever and combined creative forces, then all the other artists can just give up right now, correct???

Anyways, here and there Monica has some interesting pieces, interspersed with the presumably political lyrics.

From the first album the gently hyperemotional Var Nara Mig sounds a lot like Turid, who is another artist everyone should be familiar with (if you're not a "Swiftie"):

The title track from the 1978 Jar Ar Som Jag Ar sounds a little like Carita even, but the part where she reverts to talking instead of singing is a little annoying to me:

As kind of might be expected in the 80s she threw all her chips into the pot with the digital drums, synths, bouncy rhythms, echoey overproduced sound, but the track called Någon I Ditt Liv is actually quite good with its unusual, unexpected modulations mid-choruses:

Surprisingly some of her albums have never been digitized. I'll be back with more ripped vinyl therefore.


  1. limited time only, Ingica (1972), Alrik (1973), Jag ar som jag ar (1978), Ingica (1979), Fri (1982)

  2. Thanks Julian. Some nice stuff here. Any chance you have Don't Give a Damn and Bush Lady? Best,