Sunday, 22 December 2013

Margo -- German fusion from 1981 -- by Request

Great cover photo!
A nice smooth and easy on the ears Euro-fusion album by a band hailing from Berlin that is oddly rare despite having some nice licks and strong female vocals.  Perhaps may be a bit too smooth for some fans of the stated genres on this blog.

My favourite track is A4, the Elegie.

Some further information in discogs.
Now I wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays in case I am too busy in the coming week to post much.


  1. margo

  2. Thanks Julian. I nearly forgot about them.Being an original Berliner and Fusion was (is) my thing Margo was one of the many bands I saw live many times.The Belin Fusion scene in the early 80,s was amazing.Unfortunately I sold all my vinyl before I came to the great land of Oz.Your posts are highly appreciated.Do you have Arakontis? I have the two albums of Berlin Band Rozz.Interrested?

  3. No problem. That's amazing you caught this band live-- I would've loved that, but I was into fusion after it had already passed its best days, unfortunately. I have the albums you mentioned, I think. On the other hand if you'd like to post them, go ahead and I can headline them.

  4. If you could post the Arakontis album it would be great.If I find some time this week I post Rozz.They are too good to be forgotten,Cheers.

  5. Sad that the link has already expired. Any chance of a reupload on this one? Been a big fan ever since I heard them on the Berlin Fusion album a few years back. Thanks!

  6. Here it is bro, enjoy: