Monday, 2 December 2013

Requested: Coley's Goodbye Brains from the UK of 1972

A testament to the politics of our time, perhaps? 
In which a rotund and balloon-animal-like mayor can smoke crack 'maybe in one my drunken stupors' and retain a popularity rating of 40 percent among the presumably non-alcoholic population?  Denying to the press that he sexually harassed (by making cunnilungus comments) a female staffer by reporting he has an all-you-can-eat buffet already at home?  After being fired as football coach, losing his weekly radio show, being surveilled by police getting drunk in a van on high school property and peeing in the bushes, getting stripped of all his powers by city council, stuck in his home country and unable to travel, why, he said, should he resign?  No, why would any politician resign after that string of successes, momentarily making his city world-famous and late-night-comic ubiquitous?  After all, Marion Barry was caught smoking crack and went to jail, and was re-elected! 

But long after the furor dies down those poor Torontonians will still behold their mayor on their epidermis like a shingles rash, painful, ugly, and impossible to be rid of with topical emollients -- like so many other politicians out there in the world today parasitizing their poor quarter-unemployed populace with autocratic self-absorption and rapacious appetites under the eternal guise of a demagogue's ineffectual promise of cutting bureaucracies and taxes, like those flies who lay eggs in crickets and whose larvae feed on the insides of the insects starting with the least essential organs first such as the nervous system until every part is eaten and they break out of a dead and all-consumed shell of a cricket to find another prey...

Not my rip.  Some info can be found here.  Tom H. of course has already given it a well-deserved priority 2.  His review, unlike Rob Ford and so many other politicians in your respective home countries, is right on the money:

"A very crazy, and creative, horn rock band with a strong jazzy progressive feel. Some great wah wah fuzz guitar and fuzz bass which plays well against the trumpet/flugelhorn and saxophone. Some weird narration and flute passages. Much more complex than your average horn rock band - in the McLuhan and Probe 10 higher echelon of the genre. There's a couple of missteps like the country rock song and the final narrative piece, but overall this one is a winner and would love to see on CD."

Just a little minor adjustment to what he said in my own terms.  I don't think it's fair to call it a horn rock band because this recalls BST or Chicago, in fact, this is mostly instrumental music like Tony Campo's masterpiece Garuda, it's like the funkiest library record you can imagine being launched into an outer space of progressiveness (thanks to a billionaire internet titan's private rocket launch perhaps) with the craziest horn riffs you've ever heard on the backs of wah-wah guitar 7th chords plus flatted 10ths, such as here on the title track, Goodbye Brains, courtesy internet archive (which is, like sex with unknown females, as free as it is unattractive):

A highly enjoyable album altogether, and very much recommended. How did those guys back then write such fantastic music? I do enjoy the prose poem track about the old lady who urinates on herself while walking down the street-- OK it's not Gaspard de la nuit by Aloysius Bertrand, but have a listen to it and appreciate the literary value. The kind of track you will never hear on a CD made today.



  2. At least Toronto's leadership has crack and alcohol as an excuse for bad behavior. Here in the U.S., we have a president who in five years has:

    - Increased the federal deficit to $17 trillion.
    - Destroyed our healthcare system; now, instead of Canadians coming to America for healthcare, we'll be lining up to go to Canada.
    - Made America the weakest of world powers; there's the latest treaty with Iran, which will allow the crazies in that country to continue developing nuclear capabilities, the Putin-brokered agreement to eliminate Syria's chemical weapons, which allows Assad to continue killing his people, the Edward Snowden affair, and so much more.
    - Crippled our economy with new regulations; in spite of trillions in Keynesian stimulus and quantitative easing, the economy has been growing at a rate of less than 2% a year, compared with average growth of 3.3% a year pre-Obama.
    - Done nothing about unfunded liabilities for Medicare, Social Security and pensions for government employees. Unfunded liabilities are approaching $100 trillion!!!!
    - Lied repeatedly to the American public ("You can keep your health plan" is just one example).
    He's incompetent, he's arrogant and he doesn't smoke crack ... at least not that we know of.

    Rob Ford's approval rating is around 40%. Pretty close to Obama's. Is anyone paying attention?


  3. Sir, you are talking about a man who actually received the priceless million-dollar Nobel Peace Prize for -- uh for -- uh... what the heck did he get it for anyways?

  4. True, he's right up there with Yassar Arafat in his hard work and diligence in spreading peace throughout the world.


  5. hey wasn't Yassar poisoned with something radioactive? lol

  6. yes, I know, can you believe it?

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  8. and I have too much extra time on my hands to look around for those old files.. lol
    zoomthin else tomorrow

  9. Id thought this album was from Australia when I got it, perhaps not i see :)