Saturday 28 December 2013

My apology...

My apology for being so quiet the last few days, but, like many of you, I was too busy with chopping down a healthy young fir tree and hauling it into my living room after being draped in gaudy plastic dollar-store volumes and shapes like conic sections and pentagons, plus other glittering birdsnest-like fritteries under which ritualistically assembled playthings for little humans are temporarily placed until they can satiate their boredom for another 2 days, and we are forced to purchase more boredom-satiating items for them as if time were something purely to be killed, as if childhood itself were but a curse: the affliction of boredom, and elsewhere I am strategically placing bright lights on my home frame to blind my closest neighbors into submission and provide more light pollution for orbiting spy satellites, the next day, for hours I am in the linear grouping of people ready for the benediction of charity from the store that kindly has offered me half price for a more powerful phone that I have no need for so that my neighbors may bow down before me in shock at my superior powers of telephonery and worship me as their demigod, whilst others patiently await the blessing of the store to bestow upon them larger refrigerators to store more food to make themselves heavier, larger, fatter, and far more likely to die sooner, still others are entranced, almost as by religious ecstasy, at the prospect of an additional shirt to place next to the hundreds of others in their closets that they can walk in for a good half's hour promenade delighted at the stored artefacts of untold and inestimable artistic value until returning home they plunge into a profound depression that will continue all winter when they consider they handed over thousands of units of their local currencies to nameless enormous corporations and will be essentially slave labour to their local banks to pay for their unwise and exorbitant intemperance...
So yes I was a bit busy the last few days. 
But coming soon, the blessings of more new records to hear!

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