Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Jaak Jürisson's EP "Sings J. Jurisson" from Estonia 1982 [lossless]

Very little information is available on discogs for this artist.  It might be that this little opus has been posted before and I apologize if that's the case, but anyhow this would be an altogether different rip.

Please don't be put off by the avuncular man on the cover with his mustache, huge glasses, and highly attractive combed-back hair, this is from the early eighties, after all!  He will probably remind half the people out there of their algebra teacher in school...

What if In Spe had hired a pop-singer with a baritone voice to sing some songs they decided would allow progressive Estonian music to break into the FM market?  Well this highly unknown EP is the answer to that nonexistent problem.  You will hear all the usual suspects of prog: the strange chord changes, the odd melodies, the dissonances, the basis of hard guitar-synthesizer, but sung by an odd fellow indeed.  I've listened to this over and over in the car and this is exactly what I wish I could hear every morning I drive to work...

I want to draw your attention especially to track 2 which is basically in the key of A (although it starts off in B minor and passes through D too) but abruptly in the middle goes into G minor 7 with duelling solos between the synthesizer and the electric guitar -- notice how professional these guys are (they must have been studio musicians) and how they play off each other, always echoing the other person's solo, almost a lesson in how to play advanced improvised solos in a live or studio setting...  Incredible, it's hard not to be amazed at their skills.

Have a listen and judge for yourselves:

What an astonishing find, simply amazing.  A million thanks to the friend who discovered this opus...


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  2. If there is someone who can translate the title and the track titles I would really appreciate it

  3. Close As I Can get....

    A1 - Only To Wake Up
    A2 - Who Are Sounding The Death Knell Eagle ('Death Knell' meaning 'The tolling of a bell to mark someone's death')

    B1 - Music Compulsory (or maybe words reversed in English..?)
    B2 - Pisipojale ( Doesn't seem to translate but 'Pisipoja' translates as 'Little Boy' in Estonian ...all I can find)



  4. By the way.....Thanks for this !

  5. BTW, the album's title (in Russian) translates simply as "Sings Jaak Jürisson".

  6. oh great thanks for that translation!

  7. Hi Julian, could i request i re-up of this please, thanks

  8. https://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/o7xnpo

    This is a lossless upload