Sunday, 30 March 2014

Trance's Here and Now from 1980

And now for the second, slightly less impressive album from this duo...
Very much a buddhist themed album here.

“why has bodhi-dharma left for the east?”

One might be yours for the side
and so much else besides
sinking as in mid-seas
and the dying, so far from overs, but
he in my perpetuum, he is my taker.
And they were worrying through all time
for senses moving forward so far,
trying going forward, always through and around.
But why has that taste put on me--?
New, and unknown-to-be?

Some, to anticipate their morning cigarette
or then, a denial of water, self-abnegation--
as to shirk evolution's opera…
He will go up farther than the perimeter mountains
of geometry resurfaced in the mantle
and the only continent of bridge.
Here I was, wanting absence of want,
when he went past the skin-markings,
nowhere to be found.
Dumb angel, put up for abandoned,
a prayer for us dying.
Have I not learned to junk desires;
who will ride me there?
I cannot turn back.
Stuck at the place you knew me.
Where is thy east, that I would imbibe?
Where will I feed, fed?

Cast for fishermen who will follow
our hollow answers--
And the death-- where does that go?

I have too many questions to ask...

[Copyright © 2014 me; about the seach for answers from Buddhism-- from my soon to be available book]


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