Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Angelika Mann + Gruppe Obelisk - Was Treibt Mich Nur? (1981, Amiga DDR),

Her appearance is somewhat like Marlene Dietrich who few I am sure remember today.  Oddly enough before I knew her roles as actress I came to love her sexy and husky voice as a singer when I was a child.  I take it she sang some numbers in the old movie "Destry Rides Again"  and "The Blue Angel."  I particularly loved the lush orchestral romance of "Lazy Afternoon," derived from some old Hollywood movie now lost to the mists of time...

This record is quite pop oriented, with vocal jazz and rock numbers, similar in a way to the earlier Uschi Bruning but invariably, not as good.  The band "Gruppe Obelisk" that showed up in the 1979 VA release, Auf Dem Wege, performs behind her in a few songs.

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  2. Thank you Julian.Thanks for following up on requests and suggestions.Your effort is unbelievable.
    I actually like this album.Uschi is for sure the better singer, but this album somehow touches me.Great lyrics in sometimes Berlin slang, and with sweetness and sometimes very raw for east German standards.And the musos from Obelisk are great, love the frettless bass sound.

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