Monday, 2 June 2014

C. B. Busser - Movies from 1978 [new rip] + Warship Suite 1979 [bonus]

This is by far his best work, and I include the material from his earlier band "Whipping Post" which anyways is not progressive, merely blues-rock garbage.  The mellotron is what makes this for me just succulently, nostalgically heavenly.  

What about the cover drawing-- is it a flock of sheep behind the oddly coated man in the hat?  When I look closely, I fail to see any heads or faces to provide some reference.  The other side of the gatefold doesn't provide any clues.  Very mysterious and evocative, as is the light emanating from him.  I really love the transmission lines, which make for such an odd image.  Unfortunately, my friend who did this rip did not scan the inside so credits for this are absent.  Anyone with more information please help.  

As with the other great album he did, "Warship Suite", C. B. plays all the instruments here.  Please note that the remainder in his discography, all of which I've heard, is utter crap!

Now here's the first track, notice straightaway that mellotronly heaven:


  1. cb busser moviesmp3


  2. Great stuff, keep up the good work my friend!

  3. I have the album Julian and will send you the full scans :)

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  5. Damn this is sweet shit bro!
    Evocative moody mini-epics and smooth summer evening strolls
    Yes the world needs more Tron
    -can't get enough!
    Love the great cover art too...night walker movin along transmission wavelengths ... like a drifter in the dark
    stayed up to 4 am listening to my telephone
    4:00 A.M., June; the sky was green
    Sea Of Green Sea Of Green Sea Of Green
    ...any chance his 'Warship Suite' might surface?
    Thank you so much for this dank slab of twilight riches!

    C.B. Busser Warship Suite (Not a good rip, don't have better)
    for you October Country bro, anything, yes the world needs tron, love, sweet, tron...

  7. Awesome Warship! Thank You my friend!!
    'Movies' has been getting a lot of play time lately...
    ...inspiring new visions for some summer paintings!

    And here is my latest mix,
    celebrating wonderful summer (Hoo-ray!)
    honoring the Vibration of Life
    spiritual comfort and inner calm
    with the healing good vibrations
    of A Life Worth Living for everything

    ………Into The Great Summer………

    this way up
    time we lost our time
    it fits right in there
    we'll get into somethin real nice,
    lay back and groove...
    '...being outdoors on a summer night
    whether you're cruising to the pulse of the city
    walking in a quiet suburb
    camping in the wilderness
    or just star-gazing
    can be a magical experience
    the steady rhythm of the crickets
    the expansive panorama of the sky
    maybe a meteor shower
    and finally the simple solitude of just being there...'
    ...(the great Mr. hearts of space Stephen Hill)
    summertime I like to sit upon the grass
    good weather brings out the best in me
    everybody have fun tonight
    see you at the show...

  8. Hi Julian, I missed the scans Pollux provided of the interior for Movies. Is there a chance for a re-up?

    Thanks so much for Warship Suite. quality aside, I didn't have this before so much appreciated.

  9. no problem ushaped here are the pollux scans for longer period of time:

    thanks to pollux for his work, as usual!

  10. Looks like my mix's link got mysteriously's a re-up for
    'Into The Great Summer'