Friday, 30 May 2014

Frank Robson ST, 1974

Yes, the cover is a little bit ridiculous, but many thanks to my friend for purchasing this record and reripping it, a poor mp3 was circulating for some time, and this really deserved better.  I'd be particularly curious to know if the formidable song "A House without a Name" became a radio hit, which it should have been, being multiple orders of magnitude better than any old hit song they play ad nauseam on the radio stations...  The title track from the next album "Stay Awhile" is just as brilliantly beautiful.

Here are those two hit songs:

Why aren't these songs played on the radio every day, like "Michelle, ma belle" which everyone should surely be sick of by now, for some new interest?  It boggles my mind.

His voice, though deeper, recalls to me Al Kooper, as in the gorgeous album "Super Session" he did with Bloomfield and Stills, and I really love the intensity of his passionate vocal cords.  A natural singer without a doubt.

From my friend:

"Frank Robson, UK singer, pianist and organist, moved to Finland in 1967. Before that, he had been playing for some time with the Small Faces, among others. In Finland, he has sung and played in bands, for example, Mosaic, Blues Section, and Tasavallan Presidentti. Robson has also released five solo albums. Robson has two daughters, one of whom, Jenny Robson, is a singer."

I wonder what happened to him after the mid-seventies, he no longer became active?  Anyone know?

Wait a second-- five solo albums?  I only have two!  Once again the hunt is on...


  1. frank robson

  2. thanks julian the only other one is f ofrank robson sings mick hanian in 1987 on polydor in finland there may be more he did there but thats the only one im aware

  3. Hi Julian, sorry, can't resist asking for the flac for this frank robson, and do you know now (are they coming later?) where i might be able to get his other albums, well one anyway! thanks

  4. I can post his second album in a bit