Monday, 12 May 2014

Carita Holmström & Teppo Hauta-aho - Two Faces (1980)

I do hope people haven't had enough yet of this wonderful artist, whose first two albums I already shared some time ago.

In keeping with the title and her training as a jazz artist, there is a serious dichotomy here between sides one and two, the latter of which is essentially entirely a throwaway surface with cover versions of not only trad. folk but the old John Lennon song "Dear Prudence" (admittedly, a beautiful song, but just not one I want to hear sung by anyone but John) and some old jazz standards like "Good Morning Heartache" (same story, you can't really do better than Billie Holiday on that one).  But let's go back to the first surface or πr² of this vinyl.

Here we once again have Carita at her best, her compositional skills blend together folk, pop, and a classical sensibility with some in-depth jazz training.  Notice that all the music on the first side was written by her save track A2 by Heikki Sarmanto the great Finnish composer.  (She contributed two passable tracks to side two as well.)

I'll present to you the first track:

Full information:

Many many thanks to my friend for sharing this with me and with all...

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